Master the fundamentals with our On-Ramp Bootcamp

Are you new to CrossFit and eager to dive into this transformative fitness journey with a solid foundation? Join our On-Ramp Bootcamp, a comprehensive program consisting of six one-hour classes specifically designed for beginners like you. Get ready to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit movements in a supportive environment of fellow newcomers.

Build a strong base

Our On-Ramp Bootcamp is your starting point into the world of CrossFit. Led by our experienced coaches, these six carefully structured classes focus on teaching you the core movements and techniques essential to your CrossFit journey.

You'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take your fitness to the next level.

Join a class of beginners, just like you!

Rest assured, you won't be alone in this exciting adventure. Our On-Ramp Bootcamp brings together a group of individuals who, like you, are taking their first steps into the world of CrossFit.

The bootcamp gave me all the information and confidence I needed to integrate into the programmed WOD's. I couldn't have done it without that support and learning and of course my bootcamp buddie! It really is a rewarding experience and I highly recommend it!
- Tara

Expert guidance every step of the way!

During the On-Ramp Bootcamp, our coaches prioritize teaching fundamental movements with an emphasis on proper form and technique. They provide individualized attention, scale workouts to match each athlete's abilities, and foster a positive and supportive environment to ensure a smooth and confidence-building introduction to CrossFit.

I walked into CrossFit Kitchener with little to no knowledge of how CrossFit worked but with an open mind and ready to learn. The On-Ramp Bootcamp and provided me with the skills and confidence to walk into my first CrossFit class feeling ready. I am now starting my CrossFit journey feeling excited and optimistic about what the future holds. Thank you again Tracey and Sydney!
- Bailey

Transition seamlessly to mainstream crossFit classes!

Upon completing the On-Ramp Bootcamp, you'll be equipped with the skills and understanding necessary to seamlessly transition to our mainstream CrossFit classes.

You'll have the confidence to tackle a wide variety of workouts, understanding how to scale and modify movements to match your current fitness level. We believe you'll feel at home in our inclusive CrossFit community.

Take your first step today!

Ready to unlock your full potential in the world of CrossFit? Don't miss out on our On-Ramp Bootcamp! Experience six weeks of focused instruction, camaraderie with fellow beginners, and personalized coaching to kickstart your fitness journey.

Get ready to master the fundamentals and unleash your inner CrossFit athlete! Sign up with the link below.