The BEST way to get started at CrossFit Kitchener

Our On-Ramp Bootcamp is your secret weapon for mastering those essential CrossFit moves. We've packed six one-hour classes with all the goods you need to know to rock the CrossFit world.

Programs we offer

On-Ramp Bootcamp

Our On-Ramp Program is specially designed to get you over the hump of intimidation and into the best shape of your life with everyday people just like you. In a semi-private class setting with other brand new crossfitters you’ll learn foundational movements over six classes.

CrossFit group class

Under the instruction and care of our certified coaches, group classes start out with a warm up and preparation for the workout of the day. It’s different every day incorporating a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.

CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids program runs throughout the year in 12 week cycles. It  incorporates age appropriate skills and challenges in a fun and playful environment. From rope climbs to WODs, we’ll keep your kids engage while instilling a lifelong passion for fitness.

CrossFit Adaptive and Special Needs

Since 2015 we’ve been part of a movement that empowers individuals of all abilities to achieve their personal best. Our adapted CrossFit programs celebrate the joy of movement, camaraderie and breaking through barriers. Join us in creating a world where every athlete can be a champion.

How we're different

Driven by results

We design programs to get you the results you’re after — that could be picking up your grandkids even though they are too old for that, losing a few pounds to fit into those pants you love or building up the endurance to never lose a game of tag against your kids.

Exceptional coaching

Coaching is at the heart of what makes us, and CrossFit, different. Every class and every movement is tailored to your specific ability to make sure it’s performed safely but effectively, giving you the same stimulus as an elite athlete.

A community to lean on

You’ll be surprised by the effort you put in when you’re surrounded by people like you giving it their all. We laugh together, we push hard together and we finish with high fives and fist bumps. It’s the kind of camaraderie like no other.

We prioritize Fun

How can high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements be fun you ask? By celebrating personal bests, cheering our athletes till the last rep, partner workouts, friendly competition and awesome events — that’s how we make hard work fun.


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CrossFit has affected all aspects of my life positivity. Not only physically but mentally I am better in my 60’s than I was in my 40’s an...
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CFK has filled the void I was looking to fill for so many years. In only 4 months I feel so strong both mentally and physically. Joanne, ...
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On top of feeling way better physically, I feel better mentally, a great way to work off those everyday stresses. Also the community in ...
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My strength has improved a ton especially form. Stamina has improved more than ever. I haven’t had this much stamina since I was 17. My m...
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