Every day is something new. Classes are programmed for you, so all you have to do is SHOW UP! Everyone in each class does the same Workout Of the Day (WOD) which creates a camaraderie among the participants that is unlike any other gym experience.

It's motivating, challenging, and fun! You'll find you won't want to miss out.

Aug 11


Teams of 3 AMRAP 30: P1- max cal row P2- 3 rounds "The Chief"* P3- rest *1 round "The Chief" 3 power clean (135/95) 6 push up 9 air squat
Aug 10


Every 3min x8: 400m run max burpee pull ups *1min rest
Aug 9


build to heavy 2 OHS
Aug 8


5 Rounds: 30/21 cal row 5 double DB step ups (24"/20") (50s/35s) 30 sit ups 5 double DB step ups
Aug 6


For time w/ partner: 100 front squats (115/85) 100 pull ups 800m run 150 pistols/lunges 150 S2OH (115/85) 800m run 200 wall balls 200 sit ups 800m run
Aug 5


AMRAP 4 x5: 30 x 10m shuttle runs 30/20 cal row Max single DB hang C+J (50/35) *rest 4min b/t