I’m doing a CrossFit competition, should you?

October 29, 2023

It's been a while since I've competed in any physical activity, the last time might have been a track and field meet where I bombed the 400m and came 3rd in the high jump event of three competitors. Sure I've been competitive in my career, but in a contest or strength, speed or endurance… It's been a while, like decades. 

So why now? 

Good question, here are my reasons and the reasons of few or our members that have also competed. 

For clarity, when I'm talking about competition, I'm talking about recreational competition, I'm far from qualifying for the CrossFit games. But that's actually the point of this post. Competitions, just like CrossFit, are scalable and accessible to any level of athlete with categories from beginner to elite. And, in case you're wondering, the competition is Bros & Does 2023 and I fall in the intermediate masters category.

So back to why bother entering competitions at all? Isn't CrossFit four, five sometimes six times a week enough? I asked around and got some really interesting perspectives.

Pushing yourself to new heights

A competition setting, where you're surrounded by people pushing themselves harder than they might, always gets your own adrenaline pumping. And, more often than not, it pushes you to reach for those last bits of effort you didn't know you had and achieve a new personal best.

You did that uncomfortable thing

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to enjoy new experiences and meet people that share your passions are likely just as uncomfortable as you are. But the best part, is after the discomfort is done the celebration after is sweeter than the worst discomfort.

You're competing against yourself, mostly

In my case, I'm mostly competing against myself, I mean sure it would be cool to stand on a podium while being showered with praises from supporters, but that’s not my primary motivation. Mine is to train a little harder every day leading up to the competition and give everything I’ve got on the day of. It’s also a chance to dial in high quality nutrition to maximize the outcomes on competition day, and if you’re lucky you find something that works and maintain it long after the competition.

It’s fun, in a weird anxiety-inducing way

Ngl, participating in a competition makes me anxious. I stress about disappointing my teammate, about what the workout is going to be, if I’ll be able to handle the prescribed weight or if I might get injured. But I also know that I’ll earn bragging rights among my friends and colleagues when they ask what I did last weekend even if I came in last, and above all I know it’s going to be fun–maybe not during the actual workout, but after–like all WOD’s it’s fist bumps and high fives all around.

And the verdict is...

So back to the title of this post, should you participate in competitions? Hell yeah you should, for all the reasons I just mentioned.

At CrossFit Kitchener, we run fun intramural competitions a couple of times a year. It’s an opportunity to participate in a competition, reap all the benefits of one, but do it in the comfort of the place you come to workout among the people you can count on to have your back till the very last rep. At the end of it it won’t matter where you placed but that you did it, stepped out of your comfort zone and pushed yourself to a new level.

There’s one upcoming for the end of 2023. A friendly competition with all the members of our gym, pushing ourselves to new PR’s, making closer connections with the people we see so frequently and finally enjoying a year end celebration embellished with a little festive cheer.